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Prepping For A Bundle of Joy?

We know the trip to the hospital can be just a bit overwhelming, and who wants to pack and prepare for it?  

That's why we've made a bag for you, ready to go with everything you'll need in the hospital!  

Be ready at a moment's notice, the bag includes all of the necessities you might not have thought of. Included is helpful and inspirational material about the birth process and the all intimidating postpartum period. It is written by a Certified Labor and Delivery Nurse and mom with thousands of hours of experience!

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Maeve & Co. bags are awesome! Towards the middle of my third trimester with my first baby I knew I needed to pack my hospital bag, but it was something that I just kept putting off. Every day I would come home from work and tell myself I needed to get the bag packed, but I was so tired and had a million other things to get done.  Then I was gifted a Maeve & Co. bag.  What a fantastic idea! You can tell that each bag is made with love.  The bag itself is a classic canvas navy and white striped – one that I can and will use long after the delivery of my baby.  The items inside included all of the essentials for my stay in the hospital – chapstick, facial cleansing wipes, shower products, and even a snack for the middle of the night. The products were quality and I loved that they were travel sized. The creators of Maeve and Co. really thought of everything including information on all aspects of your hospital stay, delivery, breastfeeding, etc. This bag makes a great baby shower gift for expecting moms – or even a wonderful splurge for yourself!

Clara's Momma

I absolutely ❤️ my @maeveandcobags hospital bag I got as a gift at my baby shower! You really did think of everything to include and as a first time, soon to be mom. It is so helpful!!

Matthew's Mom

My Maeve and Co. bag was a complete lifesaver for this new momma! Being a first time mom I was clueless as to what were the actual necessities I needed to pack for the hospital. I read so much online about what all needed to be packed in my hospital bag, but so much of it seemed silly and over the top! I felt confident going into the hospital with my Maeve and Co. bag that I had the expert opinion on what I would need during my stay. The hospital socks and flip flops were so important for me. My feet swelled up so bad during labor and being on fluids after my delivery - they were truly the only things I had that I could fit on my feet during my stay and when leaving the hospital. All of the great literature helped me feel more educated when talking with the nurses and understanding the stages of my labor. The travel size products were perfect for both my husband and I, allowing us not to pack more than we needed. I love my Maeve and Co. bag so much and already gifted The Megan to one of my best friends for her first baby!"

Caroline's mom