Maeve & Co.

Maeve & Co. is a small business that serves new parents embarking on the amazing journey of parenthood. It is focused on educating new parents on what to expect during this time of their lives and how to care for themselves afterwards. Maeve & Co. is a company built on fashion and practicality, two mom standards. Fashionable bag on the outside and the practicality of life on the inside. 

Who am I?

I am a certified registered nurse in labor and delivery and electronic fetal monitoring. I have over 9 years of experience in the hospital setting. I am the nurse that changes your pads when your water breaks. I am the nurse that wipes your sweat and tears. I am the one that pushes with you for hours as my own back breaks. I am the nurse that will resuscitate your baby as if it were my own. I am the nurse that stays late to see your baby enter this world. I am dedicated. I am passionate. I am also a mom of three. 

Why am I doing this?

have been to countless baby showers and seen everyone give their friends and family the typical burp cloths and onesies, bouncy seats and swings but when the one person is brave enough to show up bearing the gift of oversized underwear, nipple cream and breast pads I notice how everyone squeals with delight. Everyone always remarks that they wish they had brought that but was too shy. I decided that would be me and Maeve & Co. was born.

I wanted to package all of the "unmentionables" of labor and delivery and postpartum care in a discreet and fashionable bag so that moms felt comfortable and ready. I also felt that moms needed to be educated so they could fully understand the process and relax a bit more, if that is possible, during the childbirth experience. That prompted me to include educational material in the bag for the soon to be parents to read before they get to the hospital and even during.