Welcome to Maeve & Co.

Welcome to Maeve & Co.!!

This has been many months in the making and I couldn’t be more excited to share my debut hospital bag with you.

The whole concept for this bag came out of the need to carry on my passion for labor and delivery while continuing to be a stay at home mom for our three children.

In a past life not to many years ago, 2.5 to be precise, I was a labor and delivery nurse at a very busy hospital. Since then, I have switched hats and become, bath giver, book reader, lego builder, yogurt maker, bed maker, homework helper, mediator, and the list goes on. I have three kids ages 6, 4, and 2 and my house is very loud and very busy. In some spare time, which seems to be dwindling as I started this project, I felt this strong urge to create something that would help those new moms out that I loved taking care of.

In the thousands of hours that I spent working at the hospital and the hundreds of babies that I delivered I witnessed a common and recurring trend. This trend was that people brought WAY too much “stuff” to the delivery room. A room that was constantly full of people and activity and where your “stuff” always seemed to be getting in the way. I wanted to make it easier on moms and their support person, the keeper of the stuff, to survive the delivery room with a little less stress over their “stuff”.

This bag isn’t just the ordinary bag though. It has all the necessary tools for labor like multiple hair ties and chapstick but also literature explaining the whole admission process. It has important definitions that will typically arise during the laboring process that will help keep you informed.  Also included is the the all important information for how to care for yourself in the early postpartum period for vaginal and cesarean deliveries. Tips for breastfeeding, a log for feeding your newborn, and even diagrams on swaddling are also there for some light reading in those wee hours of the night in the hospital.

Hopefully this short blog post gives you a little insight into who I am and why I wanted to create this for you all. I can’t wait for you to start using your bag as you go to deliver and hopefully you will like it enough that you use it as a diaper bag, breast pump bag, and even an overnight bag for that first night away from your baby.

Looking forward to posting once a month with lots of different ideas about babies, nursery decor, meal planning before baby, breastfeeding tips and more.

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