Nurseries...What do I really need?

That moment when you first find out you are pregnant your mind starts to whirl with a million questions. Will I be a good mom? How will I cope with working and motherhood? Breastfeed or bottle feed? Do I go organic or not? Helicopter parenting or child led parenting? A million questions that seem like make it or break it will instantly start swirling in your head.  


When I first found out I was pregnant we were just beginning to pack up and move out of our townhouse and into our forever home. While I had a ton of unpacking and organizing to do, not to mention some serious morning sickness for four months, I couldn’t rush into things the way I had originally planned. Instead, I spent lots of time laying on the couch planning our daughters nursery in my head.


I can’t say that my daughters nursery was the best but through two more children we learned pretty quickly about what works and what doesn’t. In planning for a nursery I would say there are 6 key things you need for the room to function. These items can also give you a fun design friendly opportunity to express yourself.


For starters, it’s pretty obvious that you need a crib. Even if you plan to co sleep in the beginning you will eventually move your child to their own room. If you look online at the many baby websites and furniture stores there are a million different types of cribs to choose from. Here is one from Pottery Barn that gives a good example of color. You could make the crib the focal part of the room through color and let the rest of the elements flow from that. You can also choose a fun bed skirt and sheets to set the theme and tone if you desire.


After a crib, you need a changing table...unless you don’t mind sitting on the floor for every diaper change. A changing table can also take on many different styles. You can have the ones that connect to the crib, stand alone, or even the ones that sit on top of a dresser. Keep in mind that whatever works for you and your back is the best. In terms of functionality and decor you can add fun and colorful baskets to dress up the changing table and hide the many items needed for a quick diaper change.


This next key element isn’t too glamorous but almost just as necessary as a crib. It’s a diaper pail! I just recently encountered a family member who gave us the great news that she was expecting her first child. After the many screams and shouts for joy she instantly started asking my sisters and I for advice...of which we had plenty. She told us that she had decided not to get a diaper pail. Full sisters and I had our mouths hanging wide open as we couldn’t believe this crazy talk. The reason they said was that their house was so small they wouldn’t need a diaper pail. Instead they decided they would walk every dirty diaper to the outside trash can. Oh the innocence! I think we convinced her it was a necessity. To the rest of you rational people, those middle of the night diaper changes with a newborn come fast and furious so be prepared. Here is the Diaper Pail  that I have. It’s not beautiful but it has certainly worked well for us and it just happened to have won best diaper pail for best value on


Dressers can be a really fun element in the room. With the new found fad of chalk paint you can literally turn an old dresser from some other part of the house or one you found at goodwill into something beautiful. I love refurbishing and painting furniture and then putting on the finishing touches with new knobs. There can be so many fun knobs to find at Hobby Lobby that will really change things up. Take a look and find some inventive ways to grab your baby’s attention when they first start scooting around their room.


The biggest element in any nursery for a mom is the chair. It’s where she will end up doing a lot of nursing, book reading, nail cutting, and hair brushing.  Whether you choose a standard rocking chair, a glider, a recliner, or any other type of chair make sure it is comfortable. The chair can be blue, green, spotted, suede, microfiber, leather, adjustable, fixed, rocker but make sure it works for you. Go to the stores and sit in them. Try them all out and even pretend to sleep in them because you know you will be catching a few winks whenever you can after your baby comes.


And last but not least, a rug. Yep, It’s almost like the icing on the cake. A rug is something that really brings the room together in terms of style and decor. Not to mention that babies grow too fast and will be crawling around their room before you know it so give them a nice, comfortable, and beautiful rug. There are so many rugs out there in different colors and styles to choose from. Online ordering and delivery while pregnant makes it so much easier and returns are also just as easy. So throw a little of your character into the room and enjoy that rug. is my go to rug store. I have purchased a few from there and have been incredibly happy with the quality of them.


Hope you all enjoy planning your new nursery!! I have really loved taking a walk down memory lane in writing this blog. My babies are all growing up and we just moved our two girls into a room together. As our youngest is 2, she is still in a crib but losing the whole nursery has really made me think that life couldn’t have existed without those 6 key things for the past 6 years.

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