Meal Planning (and prep) before Baby

Let’s ask ourselves some important questions.

  1. Does your partner cook?
  2. Do you have ten arms?
  3. Do you want to starve?
  4. Does Chipotle deliver?

Before your freezer begins to fill up with breastmilk, because it will, fill it up with some fun and healthy meals that are quick to heat up and taste delicious. When I was having kids Pinterest had just really come onto the scene. At the time I had no idea how valuable it was not only for finding good recipes but also actual meal planning calendars. Now you can find and print out just about anything on Pinterest.  

And as you are growing that beautiful baby inside of you why don’t you grow your pinterest board of fun meals to plan and make. Have pen and paper or have that extra tab open on your computer for a grocery delivery service and get started.

The Gentle Nursery is a wonderful website/blog that has all of the recipes linked and are so easy to use. It also has a lot of useful tools for you during pregnancy and in the postpartum period.

Not only does meal planning and prepping before the baby help but it is one very instrumental thing that your partner can do and feel incredibly useful. What I have heard not only from my own husband but other womens spouses is that right after the baby came they wished they could help but didn’t know how. When a newborn comes along, moms barely have time to look up from their babies face let along dance into the kitchen and start preparing dinner. So tell your partner/spouse ahead of time how important and vital it is that they take on this new role. Give them space to mess up and make mistakes and also make sure to say Thanks!  

So if you don’t get as far as making the meals at least print out some recipes that you can pass along to your partner to make.

Good luck and happy prepping!!


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